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When SpudGAP came to me they had an idea and a name. They sought to expand beyond the current state of how America's agriculture production deals with the unimaginable amount of records and guidelines that is still largely kept on paper in folders. The goal is to bring the industry of food and farm, the beating heart of the United States, into the 21st century. The product is a cloud-backed, digital book manager that handles organization, distribution, and storage of the mountains of documents needed, while connecting and updating growers to the modern era. 

The newfound world of digital connection is limitless and unbound. SpudGAP is an idea to help bring this power to an industry that needs it most.

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Our challenge was not only to differentiate spudGAP in a world of app-based modern design, but how to create an approachable feeling to the farming lifestyle that may not be as tech savvy as other markets. It has to cross into both platforms and speak across multiple consumer demographics.

Rather than focus on the technology of the program, we wanted to create something that ties into the world of agriculture. Throughout our explorations we were continuously inspired by the similarities between plants and computers. How they both utilize fiber networking to relay different tasks and functions, how they evolve, how they both have their own building blocks - where organelles make a cell work, little chips and cables make a computer run.

Jordan was great to manage expectations throughout my time working with him. The final result went far beyond my expectation and will inspire the rest of my product development.
— Austin Blaser, Founder supdgap