Old Town Brewing

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Portland, Oregon has more breweries per capita than almost every city in the country. And with a crowded market comes a greater importance to stand out on the shelf. Old Town Brewing, an international award-winning independent brewery, boasts an array of seasonal and year round ales and lagers within their pubs and off-site packaging. When the decision was made to rebrand, we new it was going to be a big task. With a brand built in historic ties and a promise of quality, we needed a dramatic change to get back to their roots and core values. So we broke it and slowly began rebuilding form the outside looking in.

In a world of trending eye candy, we knew the designs needed to transcend the fads of marketing and reflect Old Town’s proud history and obsession for making the best beer.
— Adam Milne : Old Town Brewing

The approach was simple. Strip the walls down to the foundation and rediscover the mission and intent of Old Town. The execution was not as simple. We started within the Portland historical society; learning as much as we could about Old Town, our neighborhood, and our city itself. We pulled colors from the raw materials used in the build of Old Town's historic brewery, to create a unique and personal color pallete - cast iron black, bar top copper, beer foam white, and brewer beard red. We also utilized the significance of shields and crests to help promote heritage and family, tying in Old Town's family owned independence. We approached every aspect of design with the collective mind that asked one question, "How does this tie into Old Town's story?"